Jumat, 08 Juni 2012


Jepara Event Organizer

Jepara is a city of the northern coastal area of ​​Java that has a wide range of unique attractions and culture, lifestyle jepara mostly glamor, prestige has become a reproach which is outside Jepara, but with such conditions need to hold jepara events as a medium of entertainment for the community .event organizer is the alternative solution for the organization of the activities conceptualized and mature, the event organizer is required solit team and resilient, but it takes a media campaign and a network of licensing to carry out activities as well as legal and the government must obtain permission from the city of Jepara.the event organizer we are usually divided among several teams are:A. Project Officer (PO) in charge of implementing event2. Marketting responsible for selling the event to companies or public3. Publish responsible Promo Event to be held4. Admin is responsible for secretarial5. The event responsible for conceptualizing and making the event so festiveof the five men that actually have been able to run the Event Organizer, but if it is still need to employ to assist in organizing an event organizer can be added in accordance with the desired amount.jepara own potential if implemented national level events, with the natural conditions that support the community coupled with the high prestige event in Jepara creative and quality demanded, dijepara often organized music event that brings top bands such as Indonesia andra & the backbond , god 19, Nidji, miss band and other artistssecurity condition was jepara a safe city for the EO who want to organize an event dijepara. Our local EO as ready to carry out events that you need from the Expo, Wedding, Seminar, and Exhibition, if you want to organize your events can contact us at 085640166096 then all we guarantee your event a success

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